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Andrew Fitzpatrick

A Senior Web Developer in Madison, WI.

I have 15 years developing enterprise websites and web applications for government and corporations in C#, ASP.Net, SQL, and Javascript. I also have developer certifications from Microsoft, Sitecore, Coveo, and Scrum Alliance.

Home Project Description Promega Homepage

Promega Products


I helped plan the redesign of the Promega website as part of a small, cross funtional team. I was also the lead developer on the project. In this stage, I added modern, responsive group and category pages that help direct userrs to the products they need. I also launched new product pages that serve as both a marketing platform and reference point for all information related to the product.

Promega Products Project Description Evolve Grill

Promega Homepage


Promega wanted a homepage that was modern, memorable, and user-centric. I worked on the full technology stack for this page working closely with a graphic designer. In the end, we create a homepage that was responsive, translateable, and regionalized with strikng graphic content and CSS3 animations.

Promega Project Description Tetra

Evolve Grill


George Foreman wanted a flagship set of webpages to launch the Evolve Grill. These pages combine HTML5 Video, css animations, and custom JavaScript for playback controls, 360° images, and smooth scrolling. Modern, responsive design was used to create easy to read and attractive pages that look fantastic on any device.

Evolve Grill Project Description Nature's Miracle



Tetra's new website was built from the ground up with a completely new design, structure, content, and e-commerce system. The underlying content management system was also changed to a faster, more full featured ASP.Net based system. I worked closely with the marketing team during this project to ensure we met an aggressive deadline.

Tetra Project Description Marineland

Nature's Miracle


Nature's Miracle began selling their products online with this website. It is a clean, responsive, and branded site that utilizes HTML5, CSS3, and font icons. It's also connected to a content management system, ratings and reviews service, and email marketing service so that their non-technical staff can quickly initiate campaigns and refresh their website.

Nature's Miracle Project Description Dane County



The Marineland website is a responsive e-commerce website that utilizes a CMS backend while being hosted on load balanced web servers. The site also makes use of HTML5, font icons, AJAX, and other web technologies to deliver a better user experience. Social sharing tools and feeds are present on the site and users can log in with their Facebook accounts to place an order.

Marineland Project Description

Dane County


The Dane County website is a user‐centric design focused on easy navigation and an intuitive interface. The design uses architectural stylings to draw the eye towards the central logo and tabbed navigation. It's also manageable and efficient, loading in under one second. I partnered with Mac Dempsey to plan, build, and deploy this site.