Potential Sitecore 9 Issues from Cloning VMs

May 9, 2019

There are a number of issues that can result from cloning a server running Sitecore 9. This post links to some of the issues and resolutions I have encountered.

Recreating Certificates in Sitecore 9 to Solve 403 and SSL/TLS Errors

If the cloned VM has certificates for device specific domains or if the Sitecore 9 certificates were never setup properly, you may need to regenerate the certificates. You can try removing and re-installing Sitecore 9, but this post describes how to replace the certificates and configure Sitecore 9 to use them.

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xConnect - Cannot Connect to SQL Server

There are several reasons why Sitecore 9's xConnect may have issues connecting to a database. Cloning may be one cause if the Sitecore9_Xdb.Collection.ShareMapManager database is cloned from another machine. This post describes the steps to check and update the ServerName value in the database.

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